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Global Education

Global Education Program Mission

The mission of the Global Education Program at Head-Royce is to instill in our community a deeper understanding of and appreciation for cultures and people around the globe. An element in the school’s broad mission of scholarship, diversity and citizenship, our program seeks to prepare students to address the complex issues other countries face in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

Global Education Curriculum

  • The international and global curriculum begins with the study of people around the world in Lower School literature, social studies, science and the study of Spanish and French.
  • In Middle School, the focus deepens with the formal World Languages curriculum that includes Chinese and Latin in addition to those above and a two-year Global Studies course beginning in Eighth Grade, focusing on Africa, Latin American, China, Russia, India and globalization.
  • In the Upper School, there are, in addition to the core curriculum, special senior elective offerings on topics that range from Japanese Literature to Asia Rising. Throughout the K-12 curriculum the science and math departments speak a truly international language, and the fine arts frequently incorporates cultural content from other nations.

Learning Abroad

Each year Head-Royce students have the opportunity to travel with faculty members and often peers from other schools. These trips enable students to connect the knowledge they build in the classroom with on-the-ground experiences and activities in other countries.






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